ARTooKit Ver5.3.1リリース!!





・新しいNEON-assembly color conversionルーチンによるARMとARM64デバイスのパフォーマンスの劇的向上
・Android 64-bitアーキテクチャでARToolKitのcoreライブラリをビルド
・iPad Air 2 およびiPhone6 Plusのキャリブレーションを追加
・“fallback” model-matching schemeによるAndroidカメラキャリブレーションデータの強化



アナウンス原文はこちら。 is pleased to announce that version 5.3.1 of ARToolKit SDK is available to download here. This release introduces a new WinRT component and a set of native XAML application examples that demonstrate square tracking, NFT tracking, multi-marker tracking and rendering of UI controls into the AR scene.

With this new release, ARToolKit becomes the first full-featured SDK for developing augmented reality apps on Microsoft’s newest platform, and we hope that Windows developers are able to create some great apps with the support we’ve provided.

In addition to the above, a number of bugs have been fixed and a range of enhancements have been provided including:

Performance on ARM and ARM64 devices has been dramatically improved by a new NEON-assembly color conversion routine
・The core ARToolKit libraries are now built for Android 64-bit architectures
・Calibrations have been added for iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 Plus
・Provision of Android camera calibration data has been enhanced with a “fallback” model-matching scheme Download SDK

For further information about the changes in this latest release, please visit the GitHub changelog.